Game outline:

Space travelling has hit its peak and everyone is claiming their part in space. It is your challenge to join in on the conquest and rule the universe with your race! You are the leader of a colony. Your goal is to explore, invade or attack enemy planets. You will need an army that is acquired by building units. Units require a certain amount of resources which are gathered through specific buildings you can construct on your conquered planets.

It's an online multiplayer rts in space. It was made in XNA and was an entry for Imagine Cup 2010.

This is a school project that we made with a team of 6 people.

Team members: Waldo Bronchart (team head/prog/2d artist) Thomas Goussaert (prog), Benjamin De Wael (concept/3d artist), Laura Smekes (3d artist), Bastiaan Deknudt (prog).

I mainly did the build mechanisme/buildqueue for the units, buildings and also the recources. I also did some of the menu programming.


The assignment was to make a c# project that uses MVC (ModelViewControl), implement save and load and make sure you can undo and redo setting adjustments.

Lino Drieghe (teammate) and I made a small remake of the game lumines for the psp. You have to form squares of 4 little squares of the same image. The more you make before the line passes the squares the more points you get.

We added the ability to adjust almost every setting of the game. You can add or remove rows or columns of the grid. You can change the background image. You can change the look and feel of the game from the font-size to the square images.

Harvest Moon

We had to create a small game with DirectX, PhysX and HLSL. My teammate Lino Drieghe mainly did the 2d and 3d artwork. I mainly did the programming behind it.

The meaning of the game is to plant vegetables. Then you have to water them so they will grow. After a while you can harvest the plants and make money from the harvest. If you wait to long to harvest them then your harvest will go bad and you won't get money for it.

You had to have the ability to save and load your game through serialization.

The character is controlled by the NVidia PhysX character controller.

DAE Game Awards 2009: Nominated & won second place best game3D.


Elisabeth Swann

Elisabeth Swann character from pirates of the carribean in 3d. Fully rigged and animated. With diffuse-, specular-, opacity-, glossiness- and normalmap. This was also sculped in zbrush.

Sculpt diffuse and normal t-pose
action pose action pose bones and controls


bulgarian front bulgarian left modelsheet louis